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Original Re-Bar Cutters & Bender

Original Re-Bar Cutters & Bender

Cutting Capacity : D6,D10,D13


Cutting Capacity : D10,D13,D16


It is easy to cut and bend re-bar with less deforming, because handle pipe's diameter and thickness are sufficient.

improvement type

Cutting CapacityFD10,D13,D16,D19

Handle can be extended out from 1.3m to 2m for a better leverage.

2,000 Times Cutting Test

Tested HIT Re-bar Cutter and Bender RC16-BN
Dia. Of material cut Re-bar(JIS G 3112)
Cutting times 2,000
Condition after cutting test It can cut material continuously, because there is no damage on the jaws.

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