Monster Nipper
MN 350G

・Suitable for flat (flush) cutting of steel bars, soft bolts, rivet heads, thread rods, etc.
・Use to cut materials on the walls, ceilings, floors in the bulding/construction job
  site, wrecking yard etc.

・The jaw has a 30°offset to keep work in view and this 30°offset keeps hands clear from work 
  surface while cutting.
・Special blade shape makes flatter cutting enable.
7mm dia. rivet head before cutting Cut by Monster Nipper
Cutting of Bolt
Thread rod on the wall Cutting thread rod between nut and washer

Cross section of blade

Comparison of cutting results

・In general, Monster Nipper is cut by physical strength by both hands.
・Cut it by posture that elbows are on the straight line of the shoulders.

・Not slant the blades while cutting, which will cause the blades breaking.
・Cut the material at the center of blades instead of the tips.
・Do not cut over capacity materials.
・Please wear the eye protect glasses while cutting.