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製品詳細-Product Details

Standard Black Jaw Bolt Cutters
Standard Black Jaw Bolt Cutters
Item No.:
Features drop-forged high-grade alloy tool steel with precisely heat-treated, precision cutting edges for longer cutting life.
Suitable for general purpose and designed for cutting medium steel and soft bolts, nuts, chain, etc.
Recommendable maximum hardness of material to be cut: Brinell 370-Rockwell C40-133-mm2.
■General Drawing
Tool No. -L- Capacity
Weight Kgrs. Type of Jaw
BC 300 300mm(12") 5mm 4mm 0.70 Clipper Cut
BC 350 350mm(14") 7mm 5mm 1.00 Clipper Cut
BC 450 450mm(18") 8mm 6mm 1.70 Clipper Cut
BC 600 600mm(24") 10mm 8mm 2.80 Center Cut
BC 750 750mm(30") 13mm 9mm 4.20 Center Cut
BC 900 900mm(36") 16mm 10mm 6.40 Center Cut
BC1050 1050mm(42") 19mm 11mm 8.60 Center Cut


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