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製品詳細-Product Details

Chain Wrenches
Chain Wrenches
Item No.:
Forged strong I-Beam handles.
Designed for working in confined area where regular pipe wrenched will not fit.
Excellent for pipe fittings.
Tool No. -L- Size of Pipe Length of Chain Weight Kgrs.
CW-3 290mm 3" 435mm 1.10
CW-3L 290mm 6" 663mm 1.70
CW-4 390mm 4" 512mm 1.25
CW-6 490mm 6" 682mm 3.00
CW-8 670mm 8" 853mm 5.50
CW-10 710mm 10" 980mm 6.40
CW-10L 710mm 12" 1170mm 7.40


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