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製品詳細-Product Details

Belt Strap Wrenches
Belt Strap Wrenches
Item No.:
Forged I-Bean handle and head in one piece construction gives maximum strength.
Strong woven nylon strap with special coating gives strong tight grip.
Strap adjusts fast and easy.
Tool No. -L- Size of Pipe Length of Belt Weight Kgrs.
BTW-3 300mm 3" 400mm 0.57
BTW-6 300mm 6" 700mm 0.59
BTW-14 300mm 14" 1400mm 0.66
Rubber-impregnated Belt Wrenches        
BTW-3G 300mm 3" 400mm 0.57
BTW-6G 300mm 6" 700mm 0.59


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