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製品詳細-Product Details

Cable Cutters with Replaceable Jaws
Cable Cutters with Replaceable Jaws
Item No.:
Drop-forged high grade alloy tool steel jaws, shear cut knives give sharp, clean cut.
Suitable for cutting soft, non-steel cables such as lead and rubber covered aluminum and copper cable.
Not for cutting hard cable, ACSR cable, wire rope, steel, guy wire or self-supporting standing strand.
Tool No. -L- Capacity
Copper and Aluminum Cable
Weight Kgrs.
SC250-R 600mm(24") Alum. 600MCM(350mm2 ) 1.78
  600mm(25") Copper 350MCM(250mm2 ) 1.78
SC500-R 830mm(33") Alum. 1000MCM(650mm2 ) 4.00
  830mm(34") Copper 500MCM(300mm2 ) 4.00


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