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Thread Rod Cutters
Thread Rod Cutters
Item No.:
Designed for cutting fast clean, precision and eliminating grinding or filing.
Features drop-forged high grade alloy tool steel head with specially heat-treated cutting dies.
Efficiently cuts 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 1-4, 5-16, 3-8 and 1-2 soft steel threaded rod with interchangeable dies.
Can be used primarily on construction site where threaded rods are used to secure pipe, conduit sprinkler systems, duct work, lighting, ceiling and many other construction components.
Can be bolted to floor or board for easy operation.
Tool No. -L- Size of Thread Weight Kgrs.
Double-die type
( with two dies )
TRCW A - B 740mm (29") Replace A and B with die size from 06 to 3/8S 4.1
TRCW 1/2 - C 885mm (35") 1/2" and C to be replaced with die size from 06 to 3/8S" 7
TRCW12 - D 885mm (35") 12mm and D to be replaced with die size from 06 to 3/8S 7


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